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Product news


There are many reflective tapes on the market place, and the quality as well as the price differ very much between them. Many of the tapes are available in the required 50mm width and in the colours stated in the new law yellow, red and white.

But that is not enough! The key is to look for the so-called "E-Mark" a marking which is permanently printed within the approved reflective tapes at least every 50 cm.

The range of Reflexite ECE104 tapes we stock all carry the "E-Mark", this is your guarantee not only of quality and high performance but also of conforming to the law.

We stock a wide range of vehicle conspicuity marking tapes from Reflexite including VC104+ & VC612 Daybright. All at very competitive prices, Click here to see our range of Reflective tapes.

Accessories & Parts For Commercial Vehicles

Accessories & Parts For Commercial Vehicles
Truckware prides itself on selling reliable and quality accessories, parts & components for trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles. All our products are manufactured in Western European factories by reliable and quality controlled processes.

We sell different groups of products:
Accessories to enhance the appearance and image of your vehicle and therefore your company: Stainless Steel Toolboxes, Steel Toolboxes, Plastic Toolboxes, Fire Extinguisher Boxes, Seat Covers.

Body fittings including Sideguard Systems, Mudguards & Access Ladders.

Truck & Trailer parts including Impact & Roller Buffers, Safety Signage, Reflective Marker Boards & Conspicuity Tapes.

Safety equipment including Hazchem Boards, Vehicle Marker Boards & Spill Kits.

Many truck manufacturers use cheap and short lived products for economy. All our products are of the highest available quality and are long-lasting. In nearly all cases customers will find our prices to be better than those of lower quality products.

Customers can be sure that with our products they get what they pay for - a quality assured product at the best possible price.

If, like us, you are conscious of how your customers perceive you, then only fit quality products that will enhance your appearance and image on the road.

European trucks are seen on the road fully loaded with accessories, stainless steel lockers, water tanks etc. The drivers cab is for his comfort and safety. The lorry deck is unencumbered of ropes, chains, blocks of wood and other loose items because everything is stored neatly and safely away.

In addition to our stock sizes which are all available on a 2-3 day delivery we can have bespoke items manufactured to suit individual requirements. We can manufacture steel and stainless steel lockers to any shape or size so if you do not see exactly what you want then contact us because we can help.

Truckware are distrubutors for major European Manufacturers: BAWER, TAKLER, DOMAR, DAKEN, BICMA, COBO, AUSTO &, REFLEXITE.