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High Tear-Resistant Curtain Repair Tape 100mm x 5m Rolls

Product Code:
Price: 49.00(Excl. VAT at 20%)


Product Information:

***NEW*** Your Emergency Repair Solution: Plaster-Tape

This Special adhesive tape allows a quick and durable on-site repair of truck & trailer curtains..... Save Time & Money!!!!

- Roll Size 100mm wide x 5m long
- Extreme Adhesion
- Very High Tear-Resistance
- Durable Solution
- Just Stick No Welding
- Available in various colours

Technical Data:
Material - High tear-resistant PVC tisue (Curtain material for OEM)
Glue - Special adhesive, weather & age resistant
Weight - 650 g/m2
Initial Tear-resistance - 2.500 N/5 cm conform DIN EN ISO 1421/VI
Additional Tear-resistance - 270N DIN 53363
Temerature Resistance - 30°C - 70°C
Best adhesive strength in temperatures between +10°C & +25°C

Ideal also for individual repair of different kinds of canvas, textiles, foils & films (E.g. Awnings, Car seat etc)