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ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

Product Description

Product Description
Dry powder is an extremely versatile Class A, B & C fire-fighting medium for almost all fire risks. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases, powder is also effective for vehicle fires.

- Durable steel operating handles
- Controllable squeeze-grip operation
- Corrosion resistant epoxy coated cylinder
- Corrosion resistant phosphate under treatment
- Multi-purpose application
- Clip-on durable plastic base on 4kg, 6kg & 9kg models
- Factory filled
- Pressure guage
- Complete with corresponding bracket
- CE approved

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

Total Price: 0.00(Excl. VAT at 20%)


CBFIREDCE3/POWDER - 3kg capacity (31.99 Excluding VAT)
CBFIREDCE6/POWDER - 6kg capacity (34.80 Excluding VAT)
CBFIREDCE9/POWDER - 9kg Capacity (37.19 Excluding VAT)